Digital Wine Storage

The collection in your smartphone
Gustos.Life offers the possibility to create and manage online your wine collections

How it works

Advantages of DWS storage

Storage in a specialised wine storage facility is much cheaper than building your own one..
The ability to remotely control and manage your distributed wine collection from a single interface.
Reliable and detailed history of each individual bottle.

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Advantages for wineries

By connecting to the DWS partner program, the wine producer gets a whole range of new opportunities:
An additional revenue stream of storage fees.  
Direct wine sales channel and extra convenience for clients.  
The ability to sell wine in the early stages of production (even at the aging stage).  
High Tech storage that gives clients real time control and management options.  
Confident entry into a new market niche - international wine collectors.  

Steps for becoming a partner

A space with appropriate storage conditions and basic infrastructure (electricity, internet).
Purchase of equipment for the setting up a DWS.
Submission of detailed information on the list of wines available for sale.

Request an individual solution

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